3D Animation and Visual Effects


Basically, Animation is a technique of art, which causes pictures, or the images are not in a constant position and just like that moving on. Animation techniques are of several types in which 3D animation is the most popular one. The 3D Animation is the process of generating three-dimensional moving images in a unique environment known to be the digital environment.

There are three major sections for the generation of three-dimensional objects. They are modeling, layout and animation & rendering. Modeling is a one where it completely describes the procedure of generation of three-dimensional objects within a certain scene.

The layout & animation phase describes the process of animating the objects. Finally, the rendering describes the end result of the completed computer graphics. Today’s market is filled with a series of software used for the creation of three-dimensional and there is a huge difference between the two animations.

The Visual Effects, which is also known to be VFX, is one of the unique ways of mixing the real film shooting integrated with the animated images. Most of the scenes such as jumping off the ground and flying into the air are created with the aid of VFX. In the present era, most of the movies use VFX.