Amplify Your Message With Eye-Catching Outdoor Signs and Graphics

The right exterior signs promote your business and brand while helping customers and clients find their way around. We deliver impactful storefront signage, monument signs, pole/pylon signs, awnings, outdoor banners and lighted signs designed to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Attract new business, clientele and customers with eye-catching business signs that balance professionalism with personality to showcase your products, services and value. We’re experts in blending sign elements to create a consistent look that’s on-brand and resonates with potential customers.

Whether you’re looking to create a custom display or are utilizing our extensive digital sign offerings, we’ll design and build your custom signage system that is sure to get results. Our team carefully surveys your physical location, surrounding businesses and traffic flow to determine which types of sign and placement will attract the highest volume of foot traffic to your business or organization.

Digital outdoor signage is a great option for businesses with limited space on their building, but who still want to promote their business, product or service in a targeted and effective manner. Using state-of-the-art technology, we’ll design and install an indoor or outdoor digital display that features customized content strategies to achieve your goals.

Outdoor directional signs are one of the most common and effective forms of outdoor advertising. These signs direct people to your business or event, and can include arrows, numbers and letters on either an engraved or painted surface. A popular version of this type of sign is a monument style directional sign that’s installed at the entrance to your facility, typically with dimensional lettering.

Pole signs reach a large audience because of their large size, often towering over competing signage and making it more likely to capture attention. These kinds of signs are commonly utilized by gas stations, fast food restaurants and shopping centers.

Canopy signs are a great way to promote your business in a unique and attractive manner, and are especially useful for locations that remain open after dark, such as restaurants, bars, comedy clubs and more. Typically, these types of signs feature an awning that hangs over the entryway or another area of your business to protect patrons from rain, wind and snow.

Illuminated signs, also known as backlit signs, illuminate your message by installing LED lights within or around the sign’s frame, illuminating the wording and graphics on the sign’s face. This makes your sign more visible, especially in inclement weather like rain or fog, and also enhances the visual appeal of your custom signage and your business building. Fresno Sign Company offer a variety of lighting options, from simple LED illumination to full backlit signage systems that can be seen from a distance. Their team will work with you to select the best color options and lighting for your project.